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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 22, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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banana. >> this is what i do -- oh my gosh i don't know what happened. we have to go. nice to be with you this sunday. i'm leland vittert and welcome to america's news headquarters. >> i'm shannon bream. the massacre intended two years ago is going for an attack on the largest shopping mall here the mall of america. advice to shoppers about that threat. plus, his explanation for why the president refuses to use the term radical islam. the ceasefire continues to unravel as a bomb tears through a march for former pro-russian president. yes, the united states still refuses to send much-needed
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weapons. the ambassador tells us what his country needs from america. an emergency move that would make president obama's immigration showdown go through. texas governor greg abbott joins us live. homeland security secretary jeh johnson is defending the president's refusal to use terms like radical islam when referring to the islamic states. johnson said the focus should be on the fighting of the group, not classifying it. but critics charge that the obama administration is taking political correctness too far. doug mccalli is here with all the latest details. hi doug. >> hi, shannon. and that refusal has led to
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intense criticism of the obama administration. many of those critics say the administration's refusal to classify isis as an islamic threat means it cannot properly defeat the idealogy. >> that's who these terrorists are, but we have to say it's a terrorist movement. radical islamic extremism a terrorist movement to spread this hatred of idealogy. to completely ignore that fact i think, is just not being very honest with the american people. >> speaking on fox news sunday secretary of homeland security jeh johnson said to classify isis as an islamic threat would play into its hand. >> to refer to isil as occupying any part of the islamic theology is playing on a battlefield that they would like us to be on. i think that to call them some form of islam gives the group more dignity than it deserves.
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>> but isis expert graham wood accuses the administration of denial about the threat. he writes quote, virtually every major decision and law promulgated by the islamic state adheres to what it calls in its press and pronouncements, and on its billboards, license plates, stationery and coins the prophetic methodology which means following the prophecy and example of muhammad in punctilious detail. it said the theology that must be understood to be combatted. this battle in ukraine may be unraveling but ukranian government and russian-backed separatists say they've made a
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prison swap. 129 ukranian groups were exchanged for 52 rebels in a group on the front line. it was part of a peace agreement last week. it's unclear though how many prisoners on both sides may still be being held. meanwhile, in what ukranian officials call a terrorist attack on their second largest city, a large explosion killed two people and injured a dozen more. a rally separating the ousting of ukraine's former russian president a year ago. since then russia has annexed part of ukraine and separatists continue to fight for territory in the country's east. >> the attack comes one week after a cease fire with out crane yann -- the ukranians and separatists was to begin. the ukranians are losing ground and say they need help. joining us now the ambassador
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of ukraine. is it fair to say your country is at war? >> yes, my country is at war with russia. it is a direct action of russia. >> the wall street journal this week suggested that vladimir putin was making it up as he goes along. do you think he has a goal in mind? does ept to take over all of your country? >> he doesn't want ukraine to be successful and he doesn't want ukraine to be part of the european union. at best it is a problem. >> before we move on, i do have to bring up the point that president putin says there is no russian military newt crane and no russian hardware in the ukraine. i've spent time in russia. i find it hard to believe. what do you say? >> it is not true. there are russian troops in ukraine, in the eastern part of ukraine and russian troops
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including special forces, and this is actually not terrorist and separatist move by -- >> these aren't folks who just love russia, they're russian military troops there to fight against your military? >> well, russian military troops and russia-backed terrorists, many of them or a majority of them are russians who came to ukraine as militants and as missionaries. >> one of the big debates as you well know here in washington, is just how much help the united states should provide your country. the united states has put some sanctions on russia some sanctions on their banking systems. i want to play a sound bite for you from senator mccain earlier today about you saying the united states has not done enough. >> i'm ashamed of my country, i'm ashamed of my president, and i'm ashamed of myself that i haven't done more to help these people. it is really really heartbreaking. >> senator mccain obviously a great friend of the ukranian
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people said there should be more to be done. what does your country need from the united states? >> first of all, we highly appreciate the support of the united states and severity of the united states people to the people of ukraine. we need first a national existence and more guarantees. second, we need military and technical assistance including defensive parliaments and the aircraft armaments in order to defend our country. >> when we talk about this ukraine is part of an abstract idea. it seems as though are you all on the front lines as you take
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on russia? do you think president putin has aspirations for something more than just making sure that ukraine doesn't succeed? >> well, that's for sure and ukraine today really is a front line, and we today defend not only ukraine and not only ukranians but europe as a whole and european and the western world. one more issue i would like to point out, that we need more sanctions against russia. sanctions work but we need much stronger sanctions in order to stop aggression. it threatens to spread to the baltic states. >> has your country been surprised, at least, at how aggressive president putin has been, or did you always know he had it in him and he was just waiting for the opportunity? >> well frankly speaking russia can't be with the choice of people of ukraine, and now
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it's obvious that russia does all attempts in order to stop our, let's say, integration into the european union. >> mr. ambassador, we appreciate you joining us. we know your country has a tough fight ahead of it and we wish all the best of luck to you and your folks. we appreciate you being here, sir. >> thank you. moving on to news in the middle east an overnight raid by turkish infantry into syria has the already tense border there near boiling point. hundreds of turkish troops backed by tanks crossed into syria with their soldiers and an important piece of their history. about 30 turkish troops were stationed inside syria guarding the tomb of the grandfather of the ottoman empire. turkey made the decision to pull them, as well as the crypt, out. >> the only way to prevent that entrance to the country is to
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know their name, to have a list in order to take necessary measures. that's the most, let's say, easiest way. >> turkey says it is not to blame for not intercepting three british schoolgirls suspected of running away from home to join isis. an international search is on for the teens who flew to turkey from london on tuesday. it's believed these three are headed to syria. meanwhile, british authorities say they are getting more and more concerned about this growing trend. girls and young women trying to join the islamic states. shoppers on high alert after terrorists used a video to call on attacks of western shopping malls, including the largest shopping center in this country the mall of america near minneapolis. the terrorist group al-shabab, the one who was behind that mall massacre in kenya two years ago, issued this horrific threat. jeh johnson reminded shoppers to be particularly careful but he
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also called it a new phase in the global threat that we all face at home. political turmoil in yemen could complicate u.s. efforts to fight al qaeda in the peninsula. he is announcing his resignation and supporting rebels in parts of the country. the president resigned last month after rebels allegedly backed by iran seized the presidential palace and held him under house arrest for weeks. today he resumed his duties as head of state. however, the president's resurgence is raising fears among some that yemen could actually fracture into a number of mini states. investigators in minneapolis think a policeman who was shot yesterday was targeted simply for being a member of the force. the officer whose name has not been released and his partner were standing outside their car early yesterday morning when somebody came by
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and shot him. the officers had just responded to a burglary and domestic assault call. a 43-year-old man was later arrested in connection with that call. investigators say they are still investigating the link between that incident and the shooting that followed. the officer was shot in relation to his response to the call. it didn't seem at all to us that related to the information we have at this time that there would be any reason to shoot this officer other than him being targeted for doing his job. >> the officer who was shot in the shoulder is in fair condition, still in the hospital. still ahead, the state of texas and president obama are headed for another legal showdown, this time over mr. obama's executive action on immigration. we're going to talk to former attorney general and current texas governor, greg abbott in the studio coming up next. plus christian or not? potential 2016 republican contender scott walker finds
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himself on the hot seat over a president about question about the president's faith. how will the controversy affect his possible campaign? the one and only chris stalwart is here to break it all down. dangerous ice-covered roads downed power lines, record temperatures and, well mountains of snow. when is it going to all end? janice dean has the forecast coming up. >> want only thatnot only that, but the trees falling. that's a scary thought when you're halfway asleep and you hear that. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals antioxidants and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™.
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because i think everything should just work. works? works. works! works? works. works. the obama administration says it will appeal a federal judge's ruling that has temporarily halted implementation of president obama's executive actions on immigration. here's department of homeland security jeh johnson this morning. >> so from my homeland security law enforcement perspective it is better to find ways to encourage that group of people to come forward, come out of the shadows, get on the books, be
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accountable, receive a work authorization and pay taxes. >> joining us now texas governor greg abbott. great to have you with us today. >> great to be back, shannon. thanks. >> texas is leading this fight with a couple other dozen states against the president's reactions. you say they're unilateral, he's changing immigration law. in addition to the appeal of this, though, the administration says tomorrow they're going to file for an emergency stay so they can go ahead and start implementing those actions. first of all, what are the odds you think they get a stay at any level, even if they take it all the way to the supreme court? >> the odds are zero. in order to get a stay, you're asking the court to establish the status quo. the status quo is the immigration law passed by congress, not the new immigration law imposed by the president. so the court should deny the stay and allow the legal proceedings to go forward. >> so the administration is hinting that some of these things that are sort of on hold, they are going to have things in
10:19 am
place so they can move quickly to make sure they can move forward should they get a stay, should they win on appeal. i want to play a little bit about what the president had to say about this whole issue on friday on the issue of deportation. >> and stop trying to deport millions of striving young kids who just want to earn their shot at the american dream like the rest of us. help us fix a broken immigration system. >> fixing a broken immigration system through legislative channels is different than these actions the president has taken, but he says congress left him no choice. he makes the appeal there based on these are young people who have ambition and want to do good things. what kind of pr battle does that set up for you? >> the president convicts himself when he says he's trying to do what congress is failing to do. this is all about the constitution and whether or not the president has the constitutional power to create law himself. he has said repeatedly before he announced his executive action he did not have the authority to
10:20 am
do this. after he did it, he said he just created new law. here again he's saying that he is going to act because congress is not acting. that is not the way the united states of america works it's not the way the constitution was created. he is acting in violation of the united states constitution which is why, for one we brought this lawsuit. for another, why we are winning this lawsuit and why i believe we will win it all the way to the supreme court. >> let me ask you about that, because in the last couple of terms, this supreme court has struck down at times unanimously meaning those were continued leaning left on the bench including the president's own appoint d appoint appointees. two of the justices have overruled during a time in which they were going too far, reaching outside their constitutional boundaries. do you think this goes all the way to the supreme court and are you confident you'll have at least five justices on your side? >> i think it will go to the supreme court. i think we should win unanimously. it shows how dangerous this president is to the
10:21 am
constitution. he feels like there are no guardrails to his limits. once again he's exceeding his limits under the constitution by truly rewriting the law that the united states constitution dead dedicates to congress. the constitution says congress shall write the rules of immigration. here the president was dissatisfied with what congress did or failed to do, hence, he wrote his own law for immigration. that violates the constitution and that's precisely why we're winning so far in the courts. >> the administration though, says the president has the right to do what he's done. we know that immigration agents themselves have tried to sue the administration saying, we took an oath and you're asking us to violate it by letting people go. but the administration in the end says they're confident the president had the power to do what he did, he's not rewriting laws, he's just using executive authority that he rightfully has. >> he's flat out wrong. the president and the department of justice do have prosecutorial
10:22 am
discretion, whether they're going to prosecute someone or not prosecute someone. they do not, however, have the discretion to give new rights and benefits to people who are in violation of the law, which is what happened here. they are giving work permits. they are giving things like driver's licenses. they are giving benefits issued by either the federal or state government to those who have broken the law. that is not prosecutorial discretion, that is rewriting the immigration laws of this nation. that is directly in counter countervention of the power the president has under the united states constitution. >> you're a border state, obviously, to the south where we've seen a lot of illegal immigration in the last few decades. should this policy move forward as far as what you're able to do in your job as governor of texas? >> in this calendar year beginning january 1 until now, we've had more than 20000 people come across the border
10:23 am
who were unauthorized to do so who were apprehended. we have an ongoing problem. i as governor have a border security plan that will double spending on the border to ensure we do a good job on the border. that means texas taxpayers are coming out of pocket to do the job the federal government is supposed to be doing. >> governor, good to see you. i wish we had better weather for you here, but enjoy the sunshine back in texas. here in washington congress is gearing up for their own fight against the president's immigration order. ds funding runs out this week and a partial government shutdown looms. chris stalwart is here after the break to discuss. and much of the u.s. has been pounded by weather. janice dean, the weather machine, and janice, we're hoping there is some good news from you. >> i hope i have good news leland, but i hope people will be sticking around. we'll be talking about this mess
10:24 am
exiting the east coast and another one just developing across the southwest that could bring some tricky weather for the monday morning commute across dallas texas. we'll talk about it when america's news headquarters returns after the break. plus, it was called the miracle on ice. do you remember 35 years ago? well, now the world famous hockey team is back together. life reimagined gives you tools and support to get the career you'll love. find more real possibilities at
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wisconsin governor scott walker says it is time to stop playing the gotcha game and get down to discussing actual policy issues. that comes on the heels of a "washington post" interview where he was asked whether or not he thinks president obama is a christian. joining us now to write this down and more politics editor, digital and otherwise chris stalwart. good to see you, chris. >> happy sunday.
10:29 am
>> you too. you're probably fresh off of church. >> i will neither confirm nor deny that i just got weepy singing "rock of ages." >> excellent. i have to ask you. this is a secular kind of thing for scott walker and we knew there would be questions about him. he was asked about evolution when he was in russia on a trade mission. now he's asked if he is a christian. he says, i don't know i haven't talked about it i haven't had a conversation. are these the kinds of questions hillary clinton will get asked? >> no. she once was and she once was nasty about president obama's faith. she offered a very sort of he claims to be. >> which is not what we got from scott walker. >> no what scott walker was trying to do -- is it sad that what we demand of our national politicians is to be the very best at not answering questions? we have a presidential nominating and election process that says we only want people
10:30 am
who can avoid difficult questions really well. that seems an unfortunate standard for the republic, but that is the standard. the standard is how well can you what scott walker erred in doing on this one what he was trying to say was stupid question don't want it. if you read the transcript, he was not saying, gosh, i don't know, i've prayed over the question of barack obama's faith. instead, he said, get that question off of me. it's not enough if we're going to stay in the sunday theme. it's not enough to resist the temptation to answer. you have to have a good answer for the temptor, because i will guarantee the press corps wants to create a narrative in which jeb bush is the only sane choice for the republican party and everyone else is an insane troglodyte. and if you don't want to be an insane troglodyte it needs to be answered intelligently.
10:31 am
>> they were saying he didn't finish college, and if you're taking that much heat, it's got to make you think you're a legitimate contender. >> if he keeps dodging it it will be said that he's dodging it. if you want to ignore tit you say, get away from me. you get your shall add shooteralad shooter going, and the answer is if you want to survive as a presidential candidate, you have to get the salad shooter out so you blast it out there so you don't run of risk of saying anything. >> some points to this response that marco rubio had, he's in the 21st century, certainly taking that reaction and he says, the democrats don't ask for anything that others don't --
10:32 am
>> for republicans, if you can use the joe biden threshold now that he's crossed into a very creepy space joe biden has helped republicans -- marco rubio answered this out of the park. he said, democrats don't have to answer for what the vice president says when he talks about somali cab drivers so i don't have to answer for what rudy giuliani says. it was a clean well-handled response. >> so a good deflexion and that's the way it's done. i want to talk about another issue bubbling on the hill and that republicans will have to deal with very quickly. this is funding for the department of homeland security. secretary jeh johnson was on fox news. here's a little bit of what he had to say. >> what is going on in congress is there are some that want to defund our executive actions and do it in a way that holds up our entire budget for homeland security in this nation. that is unrespectable for a public safety homeland security view. >> so republicans are in charge on the hill now. this funding is just days away
10:33 am
from running out. no matter what they're going to get blamed there is a government shutdown. what do they do? >> if you can tell me what's going to happen with the lawsuit around the department of homeland security funding and the president's executive amnesty, if you can tell me what's going to happen there i can tell you what they're going to do. but that is hanging fire, because the reality is the republicans thought they would be going into this trying to undo -- the judge habgoods been has been good to them because he said, you're not going to undo something that's going into effect it's not going into effect. so we'll see you monday. the number one priority for the administration is they have to get these cards out there get the people out there so that the republicans go from saying, well, we don't know and we have some reservations about this going into place so that the president can bring forward a small child and say, you really want to deport this person? you really want to kick this person out of the country? so the president doesn't have human shields now. he will have human shields if this order falls out of place.
10:34 am
that increases the pressure on republicans. >> i'm with our last guest governor abbott, as a guessing person they will not get the stay they're looking for so the question is do they move ahead. >> that's illegal. wait a minute. you can't do that. >> but i think there are many on the hill who would argue that there are a few things the administration has done that may not meet with constitutional muster. >> you're freaking me out. >> i will leave that to the supremes. if they're a 10 spot we'll give it to you. leland? deja vu all over again. another weekend storm, and again, all across america people are digging out after snow, ice and frigid temps grip the country, and in many places they still do. down south in tennessee, the roof of a printing company collapsed under the heavyweight of ice and snow. everyone inside though, was able to get out safely. and in ohio a ship is still trapped in a thick layer of lake erie ice.
10:35 am
i don't think that would be a fun ship to be on. the freighter has been stuck for days and a coast guard ice cutter sent to help cannot break through right now that 10-foot-thick sheet of ice that's there and as we heard there is no relief in sight. a new storm is set to bring another round of bone-chilling cold to already hard hit areas. janice dean is with us at fox. hi janice. >> i wish i had better news. it's going to get cold again for a lot of cities. minus 21 is what it feels like in minneapolis, 7 in chicago, it's cold as far south as memphis, tennessee. we do have warm temperatures across florida for the daytona 500. my colleague is there, not feeling sorry for him at all. these are actual air temperatures, you factor in the wind what it feels like, boom, it's cold. dangerously cold. people are urged to stay indoors. so we're watching this mess that gave us all sorts of wicked
10:36 am
weather yesterday wintry mess across the northeast. now we're focusing in on our southwestern storm bringing two feet of snow to the colorado rockies and a very treacherous ride, we think, tomorrow across the mississippi river valley. so we have winter weather advisories posted for millions of folks here. dallas texas overnight tonight into tomorrow, we'll be worried about a freezing mess for you. and we have freezing rain advisories for parts of louisiana, mississippi and alabama as we go through the overnight and into tomorrow. as you can see a lot of snow happening for the texas panhandle up towards new mexico and colorado. we'll get a lot of moisture from the gulf of mexico but that pink area is where we're going to see the mixture of ice into the morning commute and into the afternoon across the mississippi river valley and that's going to be ongoing until tuesday. so there's a look at your forecast precipitation. a lot of snow for the colorado rockies, over two feet we think, with that upslope flow skpchlt thenflow. and then a potential for ice in
10:37 am
portions of texas and louisiana on tuesday. a dangerous commute certainly. we'll keep you up to date from the fox supreme weather center. 26 days officially on the calendar until springtime. >> i was going to say thank you for the forecast. i'm not sure that's a forecast to be thankful for but it's always great to see you. >> nice to see you, too. from the icy weather to the miracle on ice. 35 years ago today, the u.s. olympic hockey team pulling off an astonishing win over the soviet union at the lake placid games. that win one of the most famous upsets, and in our house most loved in sports history. today some 5,000 fans gathering in lake placid to remember that historic achievement. every surviving player from the u.s. team is in attendance. >> you know why it's named the miracle on ice? >> tell me. >> al michaels at the very end said, do you believe in miracles? he claims he made that up on the fly. >> it worked. placed in the history books and
10:38 am
michael anzioni and the rest of the team and a very good day. >> it was a good day. coming up a fight on the continuing fight against isis. jordan against isis is key to a battle. plus, our winning statue is little more than a foot tall. we want you to tell us who you think will take home the oscars tonight. we'll read some of your answers later in the show. go ahead and tweet us us @shannonbream and and @lelandvittert. love to hear from you. jack's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today, his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen
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test test test test test test test test test test test test
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secretary of state john kerry is in geneva today for the uranium nuclear talks. he's meeting with uranium officials hoping to make a deal before the deadline early next
10:43 am
month. in the meantime, benjamin netanyahu says any deal with iran is dangerous. he talked about his upcoming trip to d.c. calling obama the faith, and he will be talking to congress next week here in washington. after the brutal killing of that captured jordanian pilot carefully scripted, filmed and broadcast to the world king abdullah retaliated and called the battle against isis the third world war. he says king abdullah fully understands that he is in a winner take all showdown with isis. joel is with us live. joel, good to see you today. >> good to see you, too. thank you, shannon. >> you are familiar, having lived and worked in that region quite a bit. what do you make of the response we saw from the jordanian empire and where do you think we go from here? do you think those who live and breathe and work in that region
10:44 am
have a different understanding than we do here in the u.s.? >> well, the contrast between president obama's response to americans being beheaded and king abdullah's responses is striking. president obama was with the king abdullah the day the video was released of the jordanian pilot being burned alive. the king was not on the president's schedule that day. he was in washington. and the president only added him in because of that murder and they only spent 20 minutes together. but what did the king do? he went right back he suited up in fatigues he started bombing isis, and he hanged two isis people that had been captured. he understands this is a war and he understands that he is at the center of it. it's interesting, in the six to
10:45 am
eight-interview you referenced, he said it was islam. the president is conflicted whether there is a battle anything to do with islam. but the king knows it is a battle inside islam and against radical islam. >> i don't want to get too deep into the theological wes, but the factions, not the majority of islams, but certain factions adhere to a specific idealogy, and isis is sort of in the business of they want to launch an armageddon type of end of the world situation. they think it's what they need in prophecy to bring about their end goals. do you think that we get that? do you think that our administration gets that? >> no, and that's because the president is saying from the top and throughout the administration that this isn't an islamic problem. you're right the vast majority of muslims don't -- this is not them, they're not cutting off people's heads and they never will. but the radicals are being drif
10:46 am
driven by their interpretation of islam. it's important, this is what motivates them. this is why it's not a jobs issue, it's not a poverty issue, it's a radical islam theological issue. they do want to set up an islamic kingdom which is really an ends times theology in their view. they believe it will hasten the end of days. my new novel the"the third target" is really about isis being a threat to israel, the united states and jordan, and what's interesting, of course, it's been out five weeks now on the best-selling list, but it really takes us into this threat that is actually not fiction right now, this is very real. >> yeah. i was one escotology class away from a theology minor in college, but i'm finding there is so much i'm reading about the factions. your book is a great way of doing that, getting a better understanding of why some of the
10:47 am
decisions are made and who the players are and what their interests are in these games that are not games. i mean, the end game of what they hope to bring about. >> right, right right. >> i would recommend those as an entertaining but very educational way to get up to speed on some of these issues. joel always good to see you. thank you so much. come back soon. >> i appreciate it. thank you very much rgs shan, shannon. check this out. an erupting volcano of -- wait for it -- ice. the winter has been so cold that a fountain froze 50 feet in the air. we're going to tell you where this is, coming up in just a few minutes. but first we're going somewhere far warmer l.a. for the red carpet and they are ready for the oscars tonight.
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10:51 am
shannon has her dress picked out and we are hours away from the start of the 87th annual academy awards. final preparations are being put in place for the hollywood's biggest night of the year. the a-listers are gathering for
10:52 am
the glitz, glamour and fun and it won't be that without our guy in l.a. with a good-looking tux. >> who will take home gold with a mixed star and big bag of films stirring up this year's mix of oscar race. flying high in the best picture category is birdman, leading the pack with nine nominations. after picking up three guild awards it is considered a slight favorite. >> another academy favorite is the coming of age film boyhood which won for the golden globe for best film. >> any of them is worthy birdman, grand budapest hotel, any of them. >> the blockbuster american sniper could be the night's
10:53 am
biggest surprise. it has banked nearly 400$400 million dollars worldwide making it sitting among the highest grossing film of 2014. >> this group of best picture nominees, none of them at the time of nominations was a blockbuster. they were fairly low-grossing films and then american sniper came along a day after nominations, warner brothers added 3500 theaters and instant tainusually they ---in stan tain causely they group got the blockbuster. >> not just a blockbuster it has outgrossed the competition combined. but it is a tight race between birdman and boyhood. but the oscars are full of surprises, but i'm not surprised if american sniper takes best film or best actor in bradley cooper. the winners and the losers tomorrow morning on fox and
10:54 am
friends. >> and shannon is rooting for american sniper and she said yes. so you are not being impartial here shannon. >> well i did not get a vote. so it is a personal opinion. i thought it was an excellent movie. >> it was clearly. >> myself included. >> and with a first pump. >> and fire back movies is a game that pits you against your opponent to see who knows the most film trivia. here we go. players take turns connecting movies by the actors who appear. for example if i pick american sniper you might say -- >> silver linings playbook. >> and what would the connection be? >> bradley cooper. >> so it is a lot of fun. and we were having a good time up here and best of all it is free. >> and the first pump was for bradley cooper. on multiple levels. and we asked everybody to tweet
10:55 am
to us and tell us who do you think will win best picture. and joe is also fist pumping or rooting for american sniper. but chris said the theory of everything will dominate. and helen votes for birdman because of the innovative filming techniques. >> from the west coast back to the chilly east coast we'll show you where it is so cold that a fountain froze mid-stream. shannon is heading there just as soon as she's done with the show. >> right. >> and it is a testimony as to how cold the winter has been and how the duration of the long -- the long cold spell. it hasn't been above freezing in quite a while.
10:56 am
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know that planning for retirement can be the least of your worries. with the guidance of a pnc investments financial advisor, know you can get help staying on track for the future you've always wanted. in rio, the top six carnival showed their costumes and spirited performances and now it is time to hang up the femmers -- feathers until next year. and a fountain that runs year round it is not uncommon for it to freeze and the size and the shape of the ice sculpture freezes based on the temperature. it is beautiful. >> wait until kids try to climb
11:00 am
it. >> dangerous. >> don't poke your eye out. >> that is all for us here in washington. fox news sunday is coming up next. thanks for being with us. we'll see you next sunday. >> thank you for always watching fox. more news is on the way. i'm john roberts in for chris wallace. the president hosts a summit on violent extremism but refuses to use words to describe it. >> the notion that the west is at war with islamic extremism. >> the ongoing standoff over the president's standing over immigration with jeh johnson. >> and the u.s. outlined a major military offensive in iraq but are we tipping our hand. >> it is mystifying that the u.s. military command would release the who, what and when


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